Use NGINX as Load Balancer


Load balancing across multiple application instances are common approach for optimizing resource utilization, maximizing throughput, reducing latency, and ensuring fault-tolerant configurations. There are many Load Balancers are in the market and few commercials are good in their job. NGINX and NGINX PLUS Read More

Deep drive into React, Redux and Webpack


Below video is all about how React.js, Redux works. How webpack can be configured to build the project and integrate with automated testing. We can integrate Mocha, Supertest or any other testing framework along with Webpack.
[video width="720" height="540" mp4="http:// Read More

Database Backup

Advanced Database backup & resiliency using power of Data Deduplication

Though today's world is moving out of traditional data center hosting approach and started adopting more on the cloud services but there  are still some big enterprises who wants to go slow and manage their own data on premise and planning to put the new expansion of their data into cloud thereby creating a sort of hybrid structure with mix of on Read More

microservice, distributed, cloud

An Overview of Microservice

Companies want to bid farewell to legacy architecture and digitize their business models, products and infrastructure. While some advanced companies are leveraging two-speed IT, DevOps and Cloud, some others are still trying to figure out a way to build disruptive web and mobile products faster. Moreover, growing consumer demands have increase Read More


Working with the BigInt Type in Node and SQL Server

Node.JS and SQL Server are a good match for creating non-blocking, event-driven database applications. Though you can use ODBC or JDBC to communicate between the two, it is possible to run such applications on platforms such as Azure, Linux, OSX and iOS by using Node together with the JavaScript TDS library called 'Tedious'. 'Tedious' is a mature p Read More