Bateshwar temple, Morena District, Gwalior

Like Shimla, Manali, Mussoorie, Gwalior is also a favourite place to visit in Madhya Pradesh because the amount of history it holds in every corner and Bateshwar is a place which everyone must see during their Gwalior visit. The best time to travel is during the winter season.Fake Tag Heuer Watch

Bateshwar, 25 km from Morena town, is an archaeological site comprising about 200 ancient shrines in Morena District, Madhya Pradesh. This site is located on the north-western slope of a range of hills near Padavali, a village about 40 km from Gwalior.

The name Bateshwar is not of a village but actually the valley where these temples were found. The name derives from the biggest temple of the lot, The Bhuteshwar temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This region also lies in the heart of the Chambal region that was once ruled by the dacoits. The temples are made of sandstone and belong to the 8–10th century. The oldest temples are said to be built by the rulers of Pratihar Dynasty.

The moment you enter the temple complex you feel like you have walked into what looks like result of a temple making content. There are temples everywhere, big, small, and dedicated to known and unknown deities, some of them in ruins and others being renovated by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).